C-dramas to binge-watch over the Chinese New Year

Cdrama for CNY 2021

The Lunar Chinese New Year is just around the corner, even though the current pandemic restricts the number of visits but it gives you more time to catch up on some dramas you’ve yet to do over the busy daily routine.

Here are a few Chinese dramas that really brings the warmest of their families to yours.

Go Ahead

Happy Family Photoshoot in Go Ahead.
Happy Family Photoshoot in Go Ahead.

What’s better than seeing a warm family drama during the festive season?

No. of episodes: 46 
Native Title: 以家人之名
Original network: Hunan TV, iQiyi, Mango TV

The drama is about three non-blood-related siblings growing up together. Li Jian Jian (Seven Tan Song Yun) along with two older brothers, Ling Xiao (Song Wei Long) and He Zi Qiu (Steven Zhang Xin Cheng).

Begin Again

Beginning of living together because of Youyou. Begin Again.
Beginning of living together because of Youyou. Begin Again.

No. of episodes: 35
Native Title: 从结婚开始恋爱
Original network: Mango TV

A romance story between a dominating CEO Lu Fang Ning (Zhou Yu Tong) and a warm down-to-earth doctor Ling Rui (Simon Gong Jun), a marriage contract of 1 year tie them together, and eventually fell in love during the contract period.

The King’s Avatar

C Dramas To Binge Watch Over The Chinese New Year

Relationship of the newly built team has a closer relationship compared to a family. Growing up together, Ye Xiu and Mu Chen was the best partner at Jia Shi.

No. of episodes: 35
Native title: 全职高手
Available on Netflix, Tencent Video

The drama is about an online game Glory and a career as a professional gamer. Ye Xiu aka Ye Qiu (Yang Yang) is a well-known top-tier player, Yi Ye Zhi Qiu in the world of Glory under a professional team Jia Shi. Due to circumstances, he was indirectly forced to leave the company and the character he grooms from zero.

Find Yourself

Find yourself, cdrama poster
Find yourself

Knowing that family’s support can help fight against stereotypes.

No. of episodes: 41
Native title: 下一站是幸福
Original network: Netflix, Hunan TV

This drama is about He Fan Xing (Victoria Song) is a 32 years old woman who has a stable career but remains single for her life. She developed feelings for the intern Yuan Song (Song Wei Long) who works in the same office and he does like her.

Some bonus

The Dripping Sauce

The Dripping Sauce

No. of episodes: 30
Native title: 大醬園
Original network: TVB

Man Kai Shan (Hugo Ng) and his wife Tsik Tak Yung is the leader of the family who has a son Man Cheuk Fung (Matthew Ho) who is smart but playful. Things changed even more after Ha Siu Moon (Rebecca Zhu) and Ip Sai Yiu (Katy Kung) join the brewery as the first female apprentice.

Here’s a little chapter if you happen to like K-dramas

Hi Bye, Mama!

Hi, Bye Mama! Drama poster
Hi, Bye Mama! Drama poster

No. of episodes: 16
Native title: 하이바이, 마마!
Original network: tvN, Netflix

Cha Yuri (Kim Tae Hee) died after an accident and managed to deliver Jo Seo Woo (Seo Woo Jin) before leaving the world. She remains on earth and has been watching her family over the years until her husband Jo Kang Hwa (Lee Kyu Hyung) remarries after 2 painful years. 


tvN's Startup drama poster
tvN’s Startup drama poster

Ji Pyung (Kim Seon Ho) felt like he doesn’t deserve the nickname Grandma Won Deok gave him, he is not a good boy. Grandma did not blame him for leaving her, and really glad that he made it himself in Seoul.

No. of episodes: 16
Native title: 스타트업
Original network: tvN, Netflix

The story sets in South Korea’s fictional Silicon Valley Sandbox, the world of start-up companies. Founder and co-founder of Samsan Tech find it tough to produce a sellable product despite receiving the highest recognition from CODA. They joined Sandbox and met Seo Dal Mi (Bae Suzy) who became their CEO.

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