Cast of A-Teen 2 made cameo in Twenty-twenty for smooth transit

Playlist Studio's A-TEEN 2 cast make cameo for Twenty-twenty

If you are a fan of A-TEEN and A-TEEN 2, you are definitely know Golden Child’s Choi Bo Min (as Ryu Joo Ha), April’s Lee Na Eun )Kim Ha Na), Kim Soo Hyun (Yeo Bo Ram) and Ryu Eui Hyun (Cha Gi Hyun).

For the recent premiere web drama Twenty Twenty, the cast of A-TEEN 2 made cameo to start the drama. For those who did not catch the web drama, A-Teen is based on a group of 18 year old high school students, A-Teen 2 follows the same clique when they are in the third year of high school, 19 years old.

Beautifully transit into Twenty-twenty, where we are going to anticipate the changes that will impact each 20 year old.

Watch their cameo in Episode 1 here