Come home love: The Mini Variety Show

大四喜真人show: EP 748 to 750

Original network: TVB
Native title: 愛.回家之開心速遞

By far one of the most enjoyable mini story from the long running sitcom, Come Home Love. There are 3 episodes for the series and it starts from the 4 fathers’ (Big 4, 大四喜) invitation to a variety show and they have to bring one (1) of their child with them.

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Missions set

There are countless missions set by the production team for the kids to set out and grab the most ingredient as possible.

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Abandon by the crew

They are abandon by the crew on the last episode and they have to survive on their own. Snatching and surviving a


End up they join force to build a makeshift boat to go home. When they finally made it, the production crew came out and reveal that everything was a planned to see their true self without the cameras.

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