Kim Go Eun’s cells flutters when Jinyoung flirts in Yumi’s Cells 2

Yumi 039 S Cells 2 Teaser 2

Counting down to the day of premiere for Yumi’s Cells 2! All my cells are ready and gearing up for all the sweetness we can get. 23 May 2022, TVING release a second teaser (first for more drama clips) of GOT7’s Park Jinyoung going all out to flirt with Kim Go Eun.

No. of episodes: 14
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Life
Native Title: 유미의 세포들 2
Original network: tvN, TVING


Yumi’s Cells is a romantic drama adapted from a webtoon by Lee Dong Geon. The first season is where Yumi (Kim Go Eun) started dating Gu Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun) and showing the cells working for both of them. Yoo Babi Bobby (GOT7’s Park Jin Young) joined towards the mid of the show as a co-worker of Yumi. Purely friendship and admire each other’s work capability.

Season 1 ended nicely where Yumi and Gu Woong agreed to part ways. Season 2, we will see Yumi healing from the breakup, blossom in her dream job that Babi sign her up for and also mature inside out. Time for another relationship?

Catch the teaser here (Prepare your heart!)

In this teaser, Babi ask Yumi “Have you waited long?”, “Are you alright?”
Yumi is stoned on the outside, but her cells are exploding with love bubbles in the village screaming “He’s so attractive”.

At the end of the teaser, he asked “Can we start now?”. Yumi replied “Start what?”.
Babi answers “Dating“.

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