Kim Sae Ron and Nam Da Reum face the evil spirits haunting their school

Kakao TV released a teaser to the upcoming thriller Excellent Shaman Ga Doo Shim starring Kim Sae Ron and Nam Da Reum. The drama first announced the confirmed lineup in May.

No. of episodes: 12
Genre: School, Supernatural, Horror, Thriller
Native title: 우수무당 가두심
Original network: Kakao TV

The drama is set in an ordinary high school with two special high school students, Ga Doo Shim and Na Woo Soo. Ga Doo Shim (Kim Sae Ron) is an extraordinary high school student that wants to lead a typical high school student’s life. However, her fate of becoming a shaman prevents her to live normally. Na Woo Soo (Nam Da Reum) is a chaebol who has perfect grades and looks. When Doo Shim appears in his life, he suddenly gains the ability to see the evil spirits.

Excellent Shaman Ga Doo Shim – Kdrama 2021

Check out their teaser here

The drama is set to premiere on 30 July 2021, every Friday.

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