‘Phantom The Secret Agent’ released teasers with Apink’s Yoon Bomi, Lee Se Jin and more

Phantom The Secret Agent

Web drama by Naver TV Cast ‘Phantom The Secret Agent’ 오빠가 대신 연애해줄께 is a fantasy romance drama with the spotlight shining on love stories between high school best friends Min Joo (Yoon Bomi) and Kang Chan (Lee Se Jin).

Min Joo has a one-sided crush on Kang Chan for the longest time and things finally got a breakthrough when her deceased brother Dae Yeon (Jang Chun) find a way through and took control of her body. To fulfill her sister’s wish, Dae Yeon went all out to win Kang Chan’s heart.

Check out the teaser here

‘Phantom The Secret Agent’ premieres on 4 June 2020, every Thursday.

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