SBS release images of the characters for upcoming drama ‘Do You Like Brahms?’

Do You Like Brahms? SBS Drama Poster reveal the characters.

SBS release teaser images of the main characters for the upcoming romance drama, Do You Like Brahms? 브람스를 좋아하세요? introducing us more about each individual.

This drama is set in a prestigious music school where talented students are gathered. Young and talented students chase after their dream and happiness but find themselves caught in between dream and reality.

After four attempts, Chae Song Ah (Park Eun Bin) enter the university under the music school seven years senior compared to her batch peers. Graduating from a business major, now she is back in college majoring in violin.

Caption ‘It’s not up to you to know how much you can love someone from the beginning.’

Park Eun Bin As Chae Song Ah A Violinist In Do You Like Brahms
Park Eun Bin as Chae Song Ah, a violinist in Do You Like Brahms?

Starting playing piano since 6 years old, Park Joon Young (Kim Min Jae) won countless competitions across the country and going to challenge himself on a bigger world stage.

Caption ‘Not too much, not going far… That is what our love should be’

Kim Min Jae As Park Joon Young A Pianist In Do You Like Brahms
Kim Min Jae as Park Joon Young, a pianist in Do You Like Brahms?

Hahn Hyun Ho (Kim Sung Chul) is a cellist who have been friends with Park Joon Young from a young age. He walk down the elite musicians route along with Joon Young.

Caption ‘My first love….. was full of scratches’.

Kim Sung Cheol As Hahn Hyun Ho A Cellist In Do You Like Brahms
Kim Sung Cheol as Hahn Hyun Ho, a cellist in Do You Like Brahms?

Lee Jung Kyung (Park Ji Hyun) is a violinist and friend with Park Joon Young along with Hahn Hyun Ho. Caption ‘Brahms is so much like you, isn’t he’

Park Ji Hyun As Lee Jung Kyung A Violinist In Do You Like Brahms
Park Ji Hyun as Lee Jung Kyung, a violinist in Do You Like Brahms?

Yoon Dong Yoon (Lee Yoo Jin) is Song Ah’s violin teacher and her first friend who support her to go for her dreams. Caption ‘Your heart is racing even just thinking about them. Do you know what that feels like?’

Lee Yoo Jin As Yoon Dong Yoon A Violin Teacher In Do You Like Brahms
Lee Yoo Jin as Yoon Dong Yoon, a violin teacher in Do You Like Brahms?

Kang Min Sung (Bae Da Bin) is a close friend of Song Ah in the orchestra, both are amateur in the team. Caption ‘Everything will work out, don’t worry. Because you are my friend’.

Bae Da Bin As Kang Min Sung A Cellist In Do You Like Brahms
Bae Da Bin as Kang Min Sung, a cellist in Do You like Brahms?

The drama will premiere on 31 Aug 2020, every Monday and Tuesday 10 PM (KST).

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