Secret Door opens up to mysteries this May

Secret Door Tvb 2023 Drama

Starring Ruco Chan, Mandy Wong, Roxanne Tong, Moon Lau, Hugo Wong, and more. The drama was filmed back in November 2021 to February 2022, and the production of it was done over 2-3 months after filming.

The upcoming TVB drama Secret Door started from a robbery in the 90s and the ‘King of Thief’. At that time, Zhuang Zi Qu 莊子喬 (Ruco Chan) was 10 and Choi Man Man 葉敏敏 (Mandy Wong) was 8, both of them witness their fathers in action and death.

30 years later, the descendants of the robbers decided to start fresh. Zhuang Zi Qu became an insurance investigator, and Choi Man Man changed her name to Luna 張心月 and became a housewife.

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Investigation, Mystery, Action, Revenge, Police
Native title: 隱門

Watch the teaser here

The drama is set to premiere on 29 May 2023, every Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM.

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