Steven Zhang and Liang Jie switched bodies in the latest drama teaser

The Day of Becoming You - Cdrama featuring Liang Jie and Steven Zhang Xincheng

The upcoming romance drama The Day of Becoming You is a fantasy romance drama that might remind you of the K-drama Secret Garden aired back in 2010. Features Steven Zhang Xincheng, Liang Jie, Eden Zhao Zhiwei, Vian Wang Wei, Zhou Shi Yuan, and more.

This romantic comedy drama started when two souls switched bodies, the leader of a boyband Jiang Yi (Steven Zhang Xincheng), and an entertainment reporter Yu Sheng Sheng (Liang Jie). Caught up in an accident on their birthday which falls on the same day, since then they have to live a totally different life while trying to find ways to switch back.

No. of episodes: 26
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance
Native title: 变成你的那一天
Original network: iQiyi

Check out the teaser here

The drama is set for a sweet premiere on 17 June 2021 on iQiyi.

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