Upcoming drama A Love So Beautiful reveals the love triangle in the latest teasers

A Love So Beautiful - Kim Yo Han, So Joo Yeon and Yeo Hoe Hyun

The upcoming Romantic Comedy drama A Love So Beautiful released 3 teasers based on the main characters’ perspective.

The drama is about an energetic and bright high school student Shin Sol Yi (So Joo Yeon) and her next-door neighbor friend Cha Heon (WEi’s Kim Yo Han) who she has a crush on since her first memory. Sol Yi is open about her crush on Cha Heon.

The first teaser features the male lead, Cha Heon (Kim Yo Han) who is an all-rounder with good looks and grades. His popularity among his peers is not one can overlook but there one particular person that openly displays affection to him, Shin Sol Yi. His neighbor and childhood friend since birth, Sol Yi openly confesses to him multiple times and pester him 24/7. In the end, he admits “But these days, I can’t help but notice you [Shin Sol Yi].”

The second teaser is the female lead, Shin Sol Yi (So Joo Yeon). Shin Sol Yi is a bubbly individual that is honest and able to express her emotions even when it comes to love. She is not afraid to show and convey her love towards Cha Heon. At the end of the teaser, she speaks up “Someday, you [Cha Heon] will like me too.”

The third and final teaser is from the second main lead, Woo Dae Sung (Yeo Hoe Hyun). He is a talented swimmer and newly transferred student who has an unrequited love for Sol Yi. At the end of the teaser, he spoke up “To be honest, I wish you [Shin Sol Yi] will know that I like you. A lot.”

The drama will premiere on 28 December 2020 on both Kakao TV and Netflix.

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