‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ reveal more details of the characters

Main leads for The King: Eternal Monarch

Finally, SBS release more information to build up to the premiere of ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ that sets to air next month.

Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) is the 3rd generation emperor of Korea and was known by the citizens as the charming, sophisticated and good looking perfect ruler. Lee Gon’s pet peeve is human touch, he hates with other people touch him and he is sensitive and quiet personally. Palace is the safest yet also dangerous place for him.

Jung Tae Eul and Luna, The King: Eternal Monarch
Jung Tae Eul and Luna, The King: Eternal Monarch

Lee Gon cross path with Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun) in the middle of Gwanghwamun and claims to be from a parallel universe. Inspires to join the police force, Tae Eul is a detective for 6 years and believes that all crooks will be caught eventually. She did not believe what Lee Gon says but slowly was convinced but it.

In the parallel universe, Tae Eul is a criminal named Luna in Lee Gon’s world. Woo Do Hwan also plays 2 roles/characters, Jo Eun Seob is a public service worker who works with Tae Eul and Jo Young is Lee Gon’s bodyguard who is well-versed in all types of weaponry.

This is the brief introduction to the main characters.

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