TVB release more still cuts with Moses Chan, Ali Lee and more for Death by Zero

Moses Chan and Ali Li for Death By Zero

The upcoming 30 episodes action comedy Death by Zero 殺手 was filmed back during summer of 2018. The drama is about the world of assassins, Overbeck and the types of assassins available in the market that commoners can hire. Zero (Moses Chan) needed a second pair of hands and start the hiring process where he will meet Cash (Ali Lee) his new assistant.

Still cuts from DStill cuts from Death by Zero. eath by Zero.
Still cuts from Death by Zero.

Every assassin need to follow the rules by Overbeck and their leader Sophia (Helena Law Lan). Yen Wang (Wayne Lai), Zero, and Nana (Katy Kung) are the main assassins under Overbeck and they clinch jobs through the respective managers.

Cleaning job after the ‘deal’ is done will be by Lam Sum Sum (Samantha Ko) and her cousin Zhui Miao Miao (Kayee Tam). Sum Sum will have love interest with an assassin Zero and policeman Yuk Fong (Ng Yip Kwan).

The drama will premiere on 29 Jun 2020 at 9:30 PM, every Monday to Friday.

Check out the teaser here

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