TVB upcoming drama Murder Diary released still cuts

Youku share still cuts from Murder Diary drama

Youku uploaded a series of drama still cuts that they have partner up with TVB to co-produce which include Murder Diary starring Vincent Wong, Kara Hui, Mandy Wong, Phillip Keung, Benjamin Yuen, Chris Lai Lok Yi, Venus Wong, and more.

Native title: 刑偵日記
No. of episodes: 24 (split into 2 seasons, 12 episodes each)
Genre: Investigation, Thriller

Entering the world of mentally ill patients, bring more emotions to the table which includes scary and bloody scars. A mother with Schizophrenic disorder almost poisons and killed her son.

If you find this post like deja vu, you’ve probably caught a similar HK-drama The Defected starring Kara Hui, Philip Keung, and Benjamin Yuen back in 2019.

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