TVB’s The Kwok And What confirmed premiere date

The Kwok And What

TVB’s upcoming drama The Kwok And What is a family comedy series. Starring Joe Ma, Natalie Tong, Mat Yeung Ming, Grace Wong, and more. This production was filmed from September until December of 2020.

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Family, Romance, Drama
Native title: 我家無難事
Original network: TVB

The story happens in The Kwok family, Kwok Luo Mei Lan (Nina Paw Hee Ching) single-handedly raises her children. Just before she turns 70 years old, she realized each of them has their own problems.

The eldest son, Duncan Kwok Dak Kan (Joe Ma) failed his business and end up divorced from his wife Faye Tien Yu Fei (Natalie Tong). The second daughter, Double Kwok Dak Bou (Stephanie Che), and her son Danny Kwok (Fei Wu) are not on good terms, to add on, she broke up with her current boyfriend. And the youngest, Derek Kwok Dak Ming (Mat Yeung Ming) lost his job. Kwok Luo Mei Lan tries to mitigate all the problems while she is passing on her skills to Dahlia Chong Chi Ching (Grace Wong).

Check out the teaser here

The drama is set to premiere on 13 September 2021, every Monday to Friday.

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