Devil Judge releases a teaser of the dystopian world featuring Ji Sung and GOT7’s Park Jinyoung

tvN - Devil Judge - Teaser 2

tvN’s upcoming legal drama, Devil Judge is set in a dystopian world and through the teaser, you can tell that the courtroom and setup are very unlike the norm. Featuring the two main leads in the latest teaser, Ji Sung and GOT7’s Park Jinyoung fierce stare with their different definition of justice.

The drama follows the story of a judge who tries to punish evil by turning the court into a reality show. Kang Yo Han (Ji Sung) is the head trial judge who wears a lawyer’s robe to hunt down villains. The devil judge punishes the greedy and power-hungry individuals through the courtroom show. Kim Ga On (GOT7’s Park Jin Young) is an associate trial judge who shines like a ray of hope in the world of injustices.

In the teaser, Kang Yo Han’s perspective of law is that trials are games. Whereas, Kim Ga On believe that judges are the most powerful when they go by the law and no one can monopolize justice.

Check out the teaser here

The drama is set to debut on 3 July 2021, 9 PM (KST) every Saturday and Sunday on tvN.

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