Everland in Winter

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January might not be the best time of the year to visit a theme park, one that is like Everland where there are animals too. Since the winter is pretty harsh, most animals will not be out in the viewing area.

There are no fireworks as well, which explains why there are lesser people in the theme park. But it is good for me since my aim is to walk around and the rides.

Booked the tickets through Klook which covers transport as well. Here’s a group photo before entering the park in the morning.

Each ticket cost: S$62++ (from Klook)

Not exactly a huge place with many attractions, but I would say the layout is pretty similar to Ocean Park in Hong Kong. Many hills, up slopes in the park since they are built on it. However, Everland is less taxing on our legs since there are travelators in certain parts of the park for families.

credits: @blairlhx

Lunch in Venitian Pizza

One of the many restaurants in Everland. My cravings for pizza and pasta kicks in while we are there. [Link]

Ordered a set that is just nice for 3-4 pax with your choice of pasta, pizza and salad along with 3 drinks. However, it is freezing out and the cold drink is not tempting at all. (It was about 0 degrees out there.)

Lunch set for 3-4 pax. credits: @blairlhx

Best Experience Ever – Safari World

This is a MUST Queue ride when you are in Everland. Ever experience seeing animals while you are sitting on a bus?

This is probably the longest queue, but it only took us 20-30 minutes. Credit: @blairlhx
My favourite photo from this trip. Taken while I was on the bus and I am this close to it. Credits: @blairlhx

Of course, if you are willing to fork out a little more, you can choose to rent a private jeep that brings you in with a smaller group (or just you and your company).

Credits: @blairlhx

Season Special – Snow Buster (Racing Course)

First time ever experiencing this. It was really fun and fast ride.

Credits: @blairlhx


Before you rush off to another ride, take a slower walk and look around. This is an amazing place that surrounds you with pretty scenery.

Sunset (at 3plus PM, route up before the Viking ship). Credits: @blairlhx
Credits: @blairlhx
View while queuing for the T Express ride. Credits: @blairlhx


Not sure if I will be back the next time, maybe yes if I have another day to spare in Korea.