Extraordinary you to the Trumpet Creeper

It is like a comic within comic. More twist coming and I am really hyped and excited!

For those who are watching the drama will find this image a little familiar. This is the character introduction page for “Secret” comic (manga) before adding Haru (SF9’s Rowoon) in as an extra character, Baek Kyung’s (Lee Jae Wook) sidekick.

After Haru is back after mysteriously disappear, he came back with no recollection of what happened before. Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon) and Do Hwa (Jung Gun Joo) lost a friend and both of them are really sad.


Haru is back

Did I mentioned more on how much I love this trio? The group of friends that are aware of themselves in the comic world, friends who have their backs.

Obviously Dan Oh is super happy that the old Haru is back in her world. While

Yeo Ju Da start to realize herself

Ever since the scene when Ju Da (APRIL’s Lee Na Eun) smile (sly) back after Nam Joo came to rescue her in the stage scene. It reveals more when she was locked in the science lab and Do Hwa came to rescue her in shadow.

Trumpet Creeper

Okay, back to Trumpet Creeper another comic (manga) that you might see Dried Squid Fairy carrying it around and tried to hide it from the rest. He eventually destroyed the book by burning, but things got complicated.

Dried Squid Fairy is blaming the writer for reusing the characters from comic and comic, drawing the same lines over and over again.

Declaring love

During the shadow, Baek Kyung kept treating Haru like a real sidekick and bully him. After Haru is aware of himself and remembers whatever happened before, he starts to on his defense mode.

The mysterious black hole that seems to be a connection between Trumpet Creeper open up and revealed more. It seems like back in Trumpet Creeper, Haru is working under Baek Kyung and wants to leave him after confirming his love for Dan Oh.

So excited, what will happen from episode 19 onward?

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