First impression: A Quest to Heal

Channel 8 drama, a quest to heal.

No. of episodes: 32
Genre: Time Travel, Comedy, Historical

Native title: 我的女侠罗明依
Original network: Channel 8

The long awaited historical drama from Singapore which the production team flew to China to film to have a better and genuine touch to it.

Drama GIF

The drama begins when Luo Ming Yi (Carrie Wong) went to the capital to visit her senior Li Shi Zhen (Xu Bin). In Ming Dynasty, Luo Ming Yi has two senior which are Li Shi Zhen and a brocaded robe guard Bi Zheng (Qi Yu Wu). However, Bi Zheng went to pursue different things in life and became the head of the Brocaded robe guard (better known as Jing Yi Wei 锦衣卫).

Time and space travelled

A misunderstanding almost killed Li Shi Zhen in the heavily guarded palace prison. Luo Ming Yi risked her life and save her senior out from the bars. While running away, Bi Zheng caught up with her and they engaged in a fierce fight.

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Lightning strikes them and they unknowingly traveled to the future, 2020. Not only they time traveled, but they also traveled from China to Singapore.

Meeting descendant

Both Luo Ming Yi and Bi Zheng eventually found themselves in a 50 year-old herbal restaurant, Xian Cao Tang who is run by the descendant of Li Shi Zhen. Luo Ming Yi first spotted Li Ji Shi who looks exactly like Li Shi Zhen in a food court and follow him all the way home.

Li Ji Shi convinced that Luo Ming Yi is from the Ming Dynasty and Ming Yi is convinced that she time travel to the future. To the adventurous Ming Yi, everything is interesting and she can adapt well.

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Missing Senior Bi Zheng, Ji Shi accompanied Ming Yi to find him. They found him almost unconscious in an alley and brought him back. With the olden days mindset and the high ranks, Bi Zheng cannot believe anything before his eyes and demand people to respect him.

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Solution to travel back

When Ji Shi is convinced that time travel is possible, he is delighted from the zombie self. After the death of his girlfriend, Ji Shi have been in his zombie mode and blame himself every day for her death. The idea of time traveling gives him hope to reverse the clock.

Carrie Wong GIF

Action comedy drama that has nice touch to educate viewers on the benefit of traditional Chinese herbs. It is a good drama to catch up on over the weekend.

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