First impression: Al Cappuccino

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No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime, Triad

Native Title: 反黑路人甲
Original network: TVB

The drama is about an American struggling actor Keung Sai Lung (Vincent Wong) flew back to Hong Kong to pursue his acting career. Growing up in an orphanage, he has a best friend with the same name Keung Sai Lung (different pronunciation in Cantonese). Since no one can differentiate them, so they pretty much hung out by themselves.

Upon returning to Hong Kong, he was rolled into a triad due to the misunderstanding of the real identity. He receive his biggest acting role, to be an undercover for police as a fake triad boss.

Murder case

The triad boss along with his two sons was murdered mysteriously. Leaving the boss chair empty and rule states no female can inherit the chair. The three daughters are finding ways to keep their position in the gang.

Third brother

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The girls jump up with joy knowing that they have a third brother that was sent abroad since he was a baby, just to protect him. While the eldest daughter Keung Chin Ha (Winki Lai) and second daughter Keung Chin Yu (Kelly Fu) use all their network and resources to track the brother down.


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Keung Family has a backup plan, Keung Chin Ha marry Ko Ban (Owen Cheung) so that he will be under their family and has a chance to fight for the position. Ko Ban is the strongest player in the gang in terms of connection and trustworthiness. However, he was an undercover plant by the police force for 6 years.

His handler Si Tou Sun (Jack Hui) was a high rank officer in the force, after Rachel Ku (Crystal Fung) joined his team things start to change.

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Figured out the real identity of Keung Sai Lung, Rachel still want to risk it and persuade him to go undercover for the force. They staged a huge stage just to convinced him that he is needed if not more will be more sacrifices.

Join force

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Ko Ban’s handler was changed to Rachel and Sai Lung agreed to go undercover. Rachel link them up together and want them to work together hand in hand. Of course the switch of hands make the ambitious Si Tou Sun rage. Even as a police officer, he did sabotage things and put the undercover lives on the line.

Even though it is really serious topic, but it is still a comedy and a really hilarious one. After Legal Maverick, Vincent and Owen join force together and you can clearly see their chemistry here.

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