First Impression: Angel’s Last Mission: Love


No. Of episodes: 32 (each episode is 30-34 min)
Genre: Ballet, Romance

Original network: KBS
Native title: 단, 하나의 사랑

After much rave about this drama and I caught a short clip, finally started watching it.

The angel

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After saving and meddling the human life, he was being punished and became a human to receive/give love to Yeon Seo.

Kim Dan (acted by Infinite’s L), the angel last Mission is to love Lee Yeon Seo (acted by Shin Hye Sun).

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The ballerina

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Yeon Seo is a tip top ballerina since young, at home she is a princess whom her parents love and dote a lot. After the passing of her parents, Mr. Jo, family driver became her Guardian.

Jo Seung Hwan (acted by Jang Hyun Sung) protected her and love her like a Father, even more after she lost her sight after a mishap of the lighting during her performance.

The accident

In the third episode, after Yeon Seo finally appear after 3 years, they met an accident while they are on the way home after the event.

The accident caused the life of Mr. Jo, the one whom Yeon Seo love and rely on. She woke up able to see again because Mr. Jo donated his cornea to her.

Everyone is spreading rumours that Yeon Seo knew about the accident prior to it, just so, she can see again.


I read quite a few articles where netizen praise Shin Hye Sun’s acting. And seeing it myself, I have to admit all the claims are true.

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The scene when she start to smile at Mr Jo’s funeral was heart breaking. When she rushed home and start to watch the throwback videos of her and Mr Jo since she was a kid made me cried.

Really look forward to the rest of the drama. How will the angel and human fell in love. Will Yeon Seo dance again? What will happen to Kim Dan after the last Mission.

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