First impression: Backstreet Rookie

Backstreet Rookie Drama poster

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Native Title: 편의점 샛별이
Original network: SBS

The drama is about a story between Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) and Jung Saet Byeol (Kim Yoo Jung) working together in a convenience store. They briefly met once years ago where the heart broken Dae Hyun walk pass high school Saet Byeol and her friends.

First Impression Backstreet Rookie

The troubled teens asked him to run to the convenience store to buy 3 packets of cigarettes for the underage smokers. Saet Byeol kissed him on the lips and got his number but did not call until 3 years later where she appear in the convenience store Dae Hyun runs and applied to be the part timer for night shifts.

Part timer

The family run franchises convenience store has a hard time rotating shifts and business is slowly down. Dae Hyun’s father Choi Yong Pil (Lee Byung Joon) who takes the night shift could not handle it as his health start to pose problems. His mother Kong Boon Hee (Kim Sun Young) asked him to hire a part timer.

Hiring notice is up and Saet Byeol who is now an adult walked in to apply for the job. Dae Hyun recognized her right from the start and was reluctant to hire the once troubled teen for the fear that she is still bad.

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After he knock out in the store, Saet Byeol took over and the store see massive improvement for the sales and majority came to see her. With a couple of trust issue here and there, Saet Byeol is officially hired.

Rich girlfriend

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After knowing that Dae Hyun has a girlfriend of 2 years, Saet Byeol is sad and jealous at the same time. Yoo Yeon Joo (Han Sun Hwa) used to be Dae Hyun’s manager in the headquarter of the franchises convenience store his family is running.

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Born with silver spoon and high ranks in the HR department, Yeon Joo yet to bring him home to see her parents. She lied about her dad is celebrating birthday at home hence he couldn’t join. However, Dan Hyun chance by their celebration in a restaurant with Jo Seung Joon (Do Sang Woo) the head of the corporate office.

One-sided crush

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Seems like Saet Byeol work in the convenience store to get closer to Dae Hyun whom she give her first kiss to. Dae Hyun and Yeon Joo’s relationship is taking a rather rough route since Saet Byeol appears even though she did not sabotage them in any way.

When Yeon Joon asked Dae Hyun to fire her, he discovered the memo book and the gang that she beat up told him the truth. After he connect the dots, Dae Hyun realized that she is not bad after all.

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Rising star

Soon after Dae Hyun set his mind of not firing her, the family sat down and realized after Saet Byeol join the store, the business grew by three times.

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Business grew and now the Headquarter sent Dae Hyun a text to say that Saet Byeol became the ‘Best Employee of the Month’ out of the entire nation’s convenience store staff.


There are multiple actors/actresses that will be making cameos in the drama with Apink’s Eunji in the first episode as Dae Hyun’s ex-girlfriend.

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After which, we have Kang Ji Wook (Kim Min Kyu) the celebrity friend of Saet Byeol who seems like having a crush on her and protected her in his way.

Yeon Joo went to warn Saet Byeol not to sabotage their 2 years relationship and preview shows that Saet Byeol request to resign from the convenience store. Dae Hyun is clueless why she want to leave after her performance is recognized.

What will happen next?

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