First Impression: Big White Duel 白色強人

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No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Medical, Politics

Original network: TVB
Native title: 白色強人

Finally one of my top 12 anticipated Hong Kong drama is airing. Starting 10 Jun, the medical drama will air its 25 episodes from Monday to Friday.

The cast

By far one of the best combinations for drama!

Y.T. (acted by Roger Kwok) is the 2nd man in Ming Shing North Hospital and wants to privatize the hospital. Ching Lok Man (acted by Ali) works under Y.T. in the cardiology department and the youngest lead in the medical history.

Just when Y.T. promised to push her even higher, Tong Ming (acted by Kenneth Ma) was hired as the head of Cardiology department.

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Zoe (acted by Natalie Tong) is the ex-wife of Tong Ming who works in the A&E department under Ming Shing North Hospital. Together with Lok Man, Zoe, they have another best friend in the hospital which is Yan (acted by Kelly Cheung) who is working under the Neurosurgery department.

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Tong Ming’s apprentice follows him over to the new hospital, Poon Wai Dak (acted by Matthew Ho) is a humble yet knowledgeable resident.

With his addition into the department, can’t wait to see the romance sparks between him and Ceci Fong (acted by Crystal Fong) when they help each other as resident.

Professional consultants

When the drama was first announced by Kenneth Ma over an interview, I start to pay more attention to any updates regarding this drama.

From the countless interviews that built up to its premiere, all the actors and actresses mentioned and emphasis that every surgery scene will be supported by real professional surgeons onsite.

With the help of them, the cast are able to pay attention to the tiniest details and replicate the real world closer.

Politics involved

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Y.T. in the drama, Big White Duel

Mentioned above that Y.T. is the biggest player in terms of playing politics in the hospital/medical world. All he wanted to do is to privatize the hospital for more money or power, however the committee is against or cannot come into an agreement for years.

What will happen and what is the motive for the Hospital Head to poach Tong Ming over to Ming Shing North Hospital?

The departments

The main characters are in 3 main departments which are A&E, cardiology and neurosurgery.

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Team from A&E

Leading the cardiology department, we have Kenneth Ma, Ali, Matthew and Crystal.

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Romance line

All I know so far will be both Lok Man and Yan admire Y.T. and some romance might happen between the three doctors.

Ex-married couple, Tong Ming and Zoe might be back together in the end. But question will be, how? and what caused their marriage previous?

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I hope to see more medical cases instead of the political take. From the first 4 episodes I’ve watched, I like it that way. I always love medical dramas and hope to see more exciting cases in the future.

While waiting for the drama to complete, you might want to watch other medical dramas that I love. Including The Hippocratic Crush (2012), The Hippocratic Crush II (2014), The Good Doctor, Korea version.

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