First impression: Brutally Young 十八年後的終極告白

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Crime, Investigation, Police

Native title: 十八年後的終極告白
Original network: TVB

Finally aired this drama that was in their library bank for quite some time. The drama started with a group of secondary school boys accidentally killed a classmate and decide to bury him and go back to their every day. 18 years later, the skeleton was exploded and the seven boys now men gathered together to find solution to cover their trails.

被看好的新剧!《十八年后的终极告白》420开播!调查七子杀人案| MY

Eighteen years later

Sam Lam Long Sang 林朗生 (Shaun Tam) is a successful accountant with a stable girlfriend who works as a private banker, Joanne (Candice Chiu). Shum King Yat aka Yat Gor 沈敬一 (Joel Chan) is one of the gangster group in Hong Kong.

Tse Ka Foo aka Fei Zai 謝家富 (Anthony Ho) is a sushi chef and the person who contacts everyone to gather. He is living with his mute sister Tse Ka Sin 謝家倩 (Vivien Yeo) who has a crush on Yat Gor.


A car accident coincidentally burned and revealed parts of the remains and the police team lead by Yuen Lai Ken aka Madam Yuen 阮麗瑾 (Mandy Wong) starts to investigate for clues and identify the person.

After the news is up, those who are involved starts to panic and Fei Zai starts to message everyone to meet up and discuss the next step.


However, only Sam, Yat Gor and Fei Zai turned up initially but more join but came with their own problem and result to death of their friends.

As Madam Yuen receives more clues and getting one step closer to them, they are having fight internally to come out with a solution and find out who is the real murderer 18 years ago.

It is pretty decent investigation drama and really interested to find out the rest of the guy’s stories when they slowly reveal.

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