First impression: Girlfriend (2020)

Girlfriend CDrama (2020) poster

No. of episodes: 36
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Native Title: 楼下女友请签收
Original network: Hunan TV and Mango TV

#supportinglocalactor Lawrence Wong‘s first lead drama and it is for Chinese idol drama. He is a Singaporean actor but he gain fame from the role in Yanxi Palace. I was really looking forward to this drama!

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CEO Ye Fei Mo (Lawrence Wong) is a handsome young and rich guy who is desirable for many young women. However after he was ditched by his ex-girlfriend, he never date anyone which drives his mother crazy. Light was found when they chance upon an extra actress Wen Xiao Nuan (Xu Hao).

Fei Mo’s mother hired Xiao Nuan to be his contract girlfriend to made appearance in a ball event 15 days later. Xiao Nuan is pressed by landlord to make payment and she agree to the contract.

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From the camera, Fei Mo knew Xiao Nuan did not find him to be his girlfriend and she was being ditched by another guy because of money and another girl.

Moving in

Xiao Nuan move into the house as a home care nurse but end up, Fei Mo is the nursing her. Once she is recovered, Fei Mo want to kick her out and not to disrupt his life.

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The smart Xiao Nuan trade terms with him and clearly state that she will not disturb his personal life and will cook 3 meals for him. Xiao Nuan remain Fei Mo that even after she leaves, his mother will hire more girls to get close to him and she can be his shield to stop it.

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Invisible helping hands

Fei Mo can recognize the guy that ditch Xiao Nuan. When he found his company for some investment project, Fei Mo did something nice (but borderline childish) to declare that he chose the wrong girl.

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Dishes that Xiao Nuan whip out and other actions reminds Fei Mo of his ex and he start to warm up to her. They start to live under one roof and can’t wait to see their progress.

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