First impression: Count Your Lucky Stars

Drama poster for Count Your Lucky Stars 我好喜欢你

No. of episodes: 34
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Native Title: 我好喜欢你
Original network: Mango TV, Youku

The drama is about luck, how a unluckiest person Tong Xiao You (Shen Yue) exchanged her luck with the luckiest person Lu Xing Cheng (Jerry Yan) after an accidental kiss. Xing Cheng used to have everything under his feet but lost it overnight since the kiss.

From hell to heaven

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Tong Xiao You work under the executive department in CHIC magazine for 2 years. She hopes that one day she can move to the design department and realize her dream as designer.

Managed to forged a signature and joined her dream department. Yet, it is not a good beginning. Lu Xing Cheng spot her talents in design but use another way to groom her. Xiao You became the smallest assistant to Lu Xing Cheng in CHIC. However, it is hard to please the pickiest person on earth.

Car accident

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While driving with Lu Yan Zhi (Miles Wei), Xiao You accidentally hit Lu Xing Cheng. Since the accident, Xiao You took on the job of taking care of his needs and everything. Xing Cheng lost his job as the chief editor of CHIC and became jobless.

He starts to develop feelings for Xiao You and even admit to her parents that he is her boyfriend of 2 years. He turns up at her house unannounced and demand to take him in since she cause all the injury.

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What will happen next?

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