First impression: Death by Zero

Death By Zero TVB Drama poster

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

Native Title: 殺手
Original network: TVB

The drama is about the world of assassins, Overbeck and the types of assassins available in the market that commoners can hire. Zero (Moses Chan) needed a second pair of hands and start the hiring process where he will meet Cash (Ali Lee) his new assistant. However, Cash did not start off as an assistant but hired as the full timer for Zero’s cafe.

Every assassin need to follow the rules by Overbeck and their leader Sophia (Helena Law Lan). Yen Wang (Wayne Lai), Zero, and Nana (Katy Kung) are the main assassins under Overbeck and they clinch jobs through the respective managers. Cleaning job after the ‘deal’ is done will be by Lam Sum Sum (Samantha Ko) and her cousin Zhui Miao Miao (Kayee Tam). Sum Sum will have love interest with an assassin Zero and policeman Yuk Fong (Ng Yip Kwan).


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Entire drama started off by showing Yen Wang in his glorious days as assassin in Taiwan. He is ruthless and quick but is a Casanova. Flash to a decade later, he is penniless with debts build up from loan sharks.

His manager criticizes him for being sloppy and cheap therefore there isn’t much job commission for them. Zero is one of the highest paying assassin in the market as he is precise and clean kill.

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Nana is an assassin that create tonnes of trouble for the managers and no one want to handle her in Malaysia. Opportunity came knocking her door after her final manager passed her name card from Overbeck, the Hong Kong group.

Hire cafe staff

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Zero lay his eyes on Sum Sum who is Cash’s best friend. When she bring her up, they indirectly pressure Zero to hire Cash. The first few days of employment is not the best experience for both of them.


The unlucky Cash went to Taipei, Taiwan to deliver a vase in return for HKD $20,000 for her son school trip to America. As a single mother, Cash is desperate for cash so she work hard for it. Her son’s guardian is under Cash’s mother’s name.


Things went wrong in Taiwan and but lucky to meet Zero who happens to be there finding someone. While saving Cash out from the gangster clan, she knew his real job as assassin.

New job, assassin assistant


Daredevil need to earn money and since she knew Zero’s secret, she want to help them in return to earn from the job as well.

Let’s anticipate what is like to learn on the job, a job that is so dangerous.