First Impression: Encounter (2018)

Encounter Korean Drama P1

SCREAM! Highly anticipated drama for everyone since they announce the cast line-up with Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo.

Doing a “first impression” instead of the usual “reviews” since I believe I will have loads of inputs for this drama.

Genre: Romance
No. of episodes: 4 (up to 10 December 2018)
Original network: tvN

Original title: 남자친구 (which literally translate to Boyfriend)


A story that brings a man, Kim Jin Hyuk, and woman, Cha Soo Hyun, together in Cuba, Havana. The woman came from a wealthy background which her life is basically curated by her parents since her father started being a politician.

The man is a young 29-year-old happy-go-lucky, well manner gentleman that came into her life which lets her see things differently and really start to feel alive.

The cast

  • Male lead, Kim Jin Hyuk, acted by Park Bo Gum
  • Female lead, Cha Soon Hyun, acted by Song Hye Kyo

The drama trailers and the other synopsis I’ve read did not indicate that it will be funny or have any comedy component. However, there are!


Some background stories of mainly Cha Soon Hyun’s character that shows and how she end up in Cuba where she met the male lead, Kim Jin Hyuk.

It is really cool to meet someone that speaks your language in a foreign land. Someone that have no idea of your background and will not judge you but just appreciate your company.

First Impression Encounter 2018

Soon Hyun is a lady with loads of baggage and when she was lost in Cuba and belongings are stolen, she became vulnerable yet willing to try more things she want to but can’t do normally.


Out of sheer curiosity, Soon Hyun asked for Jin Hyuk resume and found out where he usually go and other bio. Wanting to take a breathe from work, she went to the playground hideout that he usually goes.

First Impression Encounter 2018

When Jin Hyuk got drunk after the team welcome dinner for him and Soo Hyun spotted him in the bus stop and offer to send him back as a form of gratitude for his help in Cuba.

First Impression Encounter 2018

She invited Jin Hyuk for a ramen date in one of the rest stops which eventually got captured by an arranged paparazzi and news are all over Korea the very next day.


Even her personal chauffeur knows who can make her smile and decided to make a business trip down with Jin Hyuk to keep her company for a day.

First Impression Encounter 2018

The ending of the third episode leads to a breathtaking moment.

First Impression Encounter 2018

Episode 4

I mean, hands down to the scriptwriter and director. The ending of the episode really makes me look forward to the next. But I have to wait for another 6 days! *my heart*

First Impression Encounter 2018

Scream and wait for the next episode (5) on Thursday!

Catch it on Viu TV!

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