First impression: Extraordinary you

Extraordinary You Tp001

No. of episodes: 32 (30 min/ep)
Genre: School, Romance, Fantasy

Native title: 어쩌다 발견한 하루
Original network: MBC

After watching W – Two Worlds, I was really attracted by the fantasy written script based on the comic world, the voice of the comic characters.

Drawn in

Eun Dan Oh (acted by Kim Hye Yoon) born with a silver spoon, however, also heart disease since young. One-sided loving her fiance that was appointed by the families, Baek Kyung (acted by Lee Jae Wook) who he hated her.

Very soon, Dan Oh realize something is off. She lost her memory from time to time and always hear the sound of people flipping between pages. At the cafeteria, she murmur about her countless “?” and was heard by the character Dried Squid Fairy (acted by Lee Tae Ri).

The comic world

After countless understanding from Dried Squid Fairy, Dan Oh accepted the fact that she is living in a comic world. After awhile, she realized that she is just an extra in the comic. Still, she is determine to change her fate. More so after mysteriously save by someone which she finally found out is Number 13 (the writer did not give him a name).

First Impression Extraordinary You

Up to now, only Dried Squid Fairy and Dan Oh ‘realize’ themselves in the world of comic.

Here’s the breakdown of the main characters in the comic world:

  • Male lead: Oh Nam Joo (acted by Kim Young Dae), member of A3
  • Female lead: Yeo Joo Da (acted by Lee Na Eun)
  • Supporting lead: Lee Do Hwa (acted by Jung Gun Joo), member of A3
  • Supporting: Baek Kyung (Dan Oh’s fiance), member of A3
  • Extra: Eun Dan Oh (only appear to create chance for the leads)

More people “realize” themselves

Do Hwa initially suspect something is off and keep having memory loss. Dan Oh realized that he is living even in the “shadow” and told him he is living in the world of comic together with Dried Squid Fairy.

First Impression Extraordinary You

Cringe moments

I love how Dan Oh and Do Hwa feel the cringe and reluctant to say what was written. The moment their in the “shadow”, judging non-stop and they speak what’s on their minds!

First Impression Extraordinary You

First Impression Extraordinary You


As the last two letter of the original title “하루” means “a day”. The title suggest that things will change from the day “I” meet Haru.

When Dan Oh finally found the “key” to change her fate in the world of comic.

First Impression Extraordinary You

However, things start to change when Dan Oh gave Number 13 a name. Story starts to change and Number 13 aka Haru starts to be part of the triangle relationship with Dan Oh and Kyung.

First Impression Extraordinary You

What’s next?

There is a scene when Kyung suddenly told Do Hwa that he feel that he start to have memory loss. One more character realized himself? 

The final moment in episode 8 leave me hanging. What will happen when Haru confess to Dan Oh that he is also aware about living in the comic world?

First Impression Extraordinary You