First impression: Find Yourself

Find yourself, cdrama poster

No. of episodes: 40
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Native title: 下一站是幸福
Original network: Netflix, Hunan TV

Romance between a 32 year old career woman, He Fan Xing (Victoria Song) and his company’s 22 year old designer intern, Yuan Song (Song Wei Long) a popular ‘oppa’ in college.

Fan Xing still remember her promise made with his college best friend, to marry each other if both are single at 35. However, his return to China and meet her is to give Fan Xing his wedding invitation and asked her to be their brides mate.

yuan song helped fan xing out of a problem GIF
Yuan Song stepped up to help Fan Xing settle the problem once again. But I guess whatever he said comes from the bottom of his heart.

Social issue

Being single woman from age of 30, people will start to gossip behind your back and parents as well as relatives will constantly create matchmaking opportunities for you. Fan Xing is capable and pretty which made Yuan Song question why she has not been in a relationship before. Her twin brother, He Can Yang (Zhang Yu Jian) stepped up and say, it is all his fault.

Can yang love to play pranks on guys who confess to fan xing GIF
He loves to play pranks on the guys that hits on his sister.

After that, dating a man 10 years younger than her will cause people gossip behind her backs. Even though she doesn’t care, but when the idea of people saying her parents, she holds back.

Confession time

Ever since Yuan Song heart skipped a beat for Fan Xing, he know that he likes her and went full on to show her. Fan Xing did not buy in since he always avoid her at work and thinks that she is really fierce boss. Plus their age difference and how popular he is at school.

Fan xing indirectly confessed GIF

Even though Fan Xing knows clearly that she is in love with Yuan Song, she also have other concerns that a 20 year old will not consider.

Misunderstanding turns into romance

The 37 years old Ye Lu Ming (David Wang) is a CEO of the partnering company that Fan Xing works at. Through multiple misunderstanding, Lu Ming thought that Fan Xing is just another cunning woman that wants him because of his money and status.

Drama GIF

After he realised that he misunderstood her, he starts to like her. When he realised that her heart is with a younger man, he change his tactics to be a stranger life coach for Fan Xing. However, he is indirectly trying to sabotage that relationship.


I did not expect myself to like this drama so much, but the amount of comedy and butterflies created keeps me going. Really excited to watch and see what will happen. 40 episodes, there must be some drastic change at the mid-mark.


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