First impression: Fix You

Fix You drama

No. of episodes: 32
Genre: Medical, Romance

Native title: 영혼수선공
Original network: KBS

The drama is about a psychiatrist that heal people with methods out of the box (hospital), Lee Shi Joon (Shin Ha Kyun) is an eccentric yet passionate doctor that not all higher management in the hospital appreciates. He cross path with a musical actress who struggles with anger issue and constant mental breakdown.

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Han Woo Joo (Jung So Min) finally stepped on the stage to receive her first musical awards after 10 years of hard work but was pulled down instantly by Shi Joon’s patient.

Musical actress with anger issue

Woo Joo is aware of her anger issue and has been visiting a psychiatrist for a few session, yet her condition is not controlled nor improved.

After she was dragged down the stage during the awards, the very same day she caught her boyfriend two-timed her and she went on full rage mode.

Soul Repairman

Shi Joon is a psychiatrist in and out of the hospital and go all out to treat every patients of his. Back home, he turn on the live station and heal call in helpless people through air by his name ‘Soul Repairman’.

He cross path with Woo Joo and want to help her out by using her forte, acting. Knowing that deep down Woo Joo is not crazy but she is just pressing her emotions down and controlling too much.

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Drama therapy

Honestly this is really new to me, so ‘drama therapy’ is a type of cure for certain mental patients and after Woo Joo helped out fake policeman she felt the satisfaction from helping people with her acting.

Within the musical industry, everyone is closing doors on her after the incident and after considering, she decide to take up Shi Joon’s offer to work part time in the hospital.

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She being her ‘drama therapy’ part time job in the hospital and end up agree to switch her doctor to Shi Joon to help her cure her problem as well.

Sorrow of his own

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Lee Taek Gyung (Choi Jung Woo) is a respectable doctor in the past and he is also Shi Joon’s father who seems to have dementia. Not knowing exactly what he is dealing with, but he is definitely a man with story.

Not the most interesting nor fast paced drama, but definitely one that will enlighten you in a way or another.

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