First Impression: Forget you, Remember Love

Forget Me, Remember Love. 2020 C-Drama poster

No. of episodes: 38
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Native Title: 忘记你,记得爱情
Original network: Mango TV, Tencent Video

This drama is a remake/ upgraded version of the hit Taiwan idol drama, Prince Turn to Frog in 2005. Some of the actors like Joyce Zhao and Alex Dong are originally from the Taiwan cast, however they took on a different role here.

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Story between a girl who rescue a CEO of Senwell Company while participating in a competition, he lost his memories and their fairy tale begins in the small fishing village.

Taking over the Guan Mei Inn

Shan Jun Hao (Garvey Jin) the CEO of Senwell is determine to reinvest in Guan Mei fishing village and make it into a new tourist destination. That is why he kept making appearance in the village.

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Jun Hao is engaged to his childhood friend-cum-lover Fan Yun Yi (Jiang Xing Cheng) and everything is going smoothly and they are planning for their engagement party.

Ye Qian Yu (Fair Xing) lives in the village with her step mother and step brother, the family is desperate for money to pay off the debt that his late father left behind. Qian Yu will take on several jobs to buy back her biological mother’s piano and pay off the debts.

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Qian Yu is slowly attracted by the tourist Tai Chu (Wen Zhou) and I guess the feelings is growing mutually.

Rescuing the CEO

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First time they met because Qian Yu went to save Jun Hao in the midst of the competition. However, they did not leave good impression of each other and went back to their own lives.

Jun Hao left a IOU using anonymous name, Tong Hao to ditch off Qian Yu who claims that he should bare her opportunity cost and money for lending him fresh clothes.

Lost memory

While he is on his way back to his engagement party with the ring on his hand, Jun Hao got into a car accident and his car landed in the sea. When he wake up, he has no recollection of anything even his identity. Bumped into the family who is driving home from their rare buffet dinner.

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Chen Jin Zhi (Joyce Zhao), Qian Yu’s step mother decide to keep him to avoid unnecessary trouble from the police. Qian Yu showed him the IOU he signed previously and say he still owes her money.

Jun Hao’s family couldn’t find him after the rescue team spent hours in the sea only to recover his car and his belongings. Then, Jun Hao is living as Tong Hao in Money Coming for the family to pay off his debts.

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This is a good refresher of our once childhood favorite drama. Really excited to continue the update current version!

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