First impression: Go Ahead

Go Ahead 以家人之名 drama poster

No. of episodes: 46
Genre: Romance, Family

Native Title: 以家人之名
Original network: Hunan TV, iQiyi, Mango TV

The drama is about a unrelated by blood family with two dads and three siblings. Li Hai Chao (Tu Song Yan) raise his only daughter Li Jian Jian (Seven Tan Song Yun) since his wife passed away. A matchmaker want him to move on and match make him with another single mother. From then, the family grew bigger but not in the usual setting.

Zi Qiu’s story

Go Ahead Ziqiu Jianijian Fight Outside
Jian Jian seek justice and fight with the neighbourhood kids, Zi Qiu joins in to protect her.

He Mei (Luna Yuan) brought her son He Zi Qiu (Steven Zhang Xin Cheng) along but the match making did not went well. He Mei called Hai Chao and borrowed money and left. Hai Chao subsequently found Zi Qiu in the village and adopt him.

Zi Qiu follow them home and grow up with Jian Jian.

Ling Xiao’s story

Go Ahead Upstairs Neighbour
The quarrel and fights became a norm to their upstairs’ neighbour.

Ling Xiao (Song Wei Long) and his family move in to the building and became neighbors with Jian Jian. Their family drama keeps playing, fighting and arguing every day. Hai Chao found Ling Xiao sit there alone at the stairway whenever his parents argue.

Go Ahead Upstairs Quarral
Ling Xiao finally enter their house while his parents are quarreling.

Slowly, Hai Chao and Jian Jian soften Ling Xiao’s heart and he accepted them. After his mother left him with his dad Ling He Ping (Zhang Xi Lin), they ‘join’ the family.

Growing up together

Ling Xiao and Zi Qiu is 2 years senior, Ling Xiao became Jian Jian’s elder brother and Zi Qiu is the second brother. They grew up together and basically do everything together.

Go Ahead Normal Highschool
Calling Ling Pa and Ling Xiao down for breakfast

Jian Jian is a mischievous yet sweet girl, like to seek justices even that means going into a fight. Zi Qiu is the protective brother that will go to the fight with her to protect her. Ling Xiao is a logical brother that will find the right solution to protect her from the fight.

Both brothers possess good grades and looks, Jian Jian is a protector princess at home. Strong bond put into a test when both of his brothers is graduating high school and moving to college.

Go Ahead Highschool Times
Either one of them is feeling down, the rest will always accompany and cheer the ‘one’ up.


Zi Qiu’s birth father suddenly appeared, the rich and bad man want his son back and will do so at all cost. To save troubling his father (Hai Chao) business being sabotaged and his money for going college, Zi Qiu agreed to study abroad.

Ling Xiao’s mother got into a terrible accident, his uncle request him to follow her to Singapore to accompany her and his new half-sister. Even though his mother abandon him and treat him badly, he have to go just because he is her son.

Go Ahead Sending Off To College

Both brothers did not inform Jian Jian their study abroad plans and that made her angry and sad. She escape to find her grandmother and refuse to send her brothers off. They each kept the promise to return home after graduation.

Will they return back after college?

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