First impression: Handmaidens United

Handmaidens united

No. of episodes: 15
Genre: Period, Romance, Comedy

Native title: 丫鬟大聯盟
Original network: TVB

Yuet Ying 月盈 (Jacqueline Wong) is a maid under the Vice Minister of War House, leads an alliance of maids and they trade information and work together to make additional money.

Yuet Gau 月皎 (Roxanne Tong) sell herself to be a maid at the Vice Minister of War House to raise money for her love.

Handmaiden world

The capital of China is the desirable city to live in the past and talents from all over the country gather here. Kau Kei Chun 裘其進 (Tony Hung) is the son of the Vice Minister of War and always like Yuet Ying.

First Impression Handmaidens United

Handmaidens join force together in the capital to earn additional money and they are also known to be the prettiest women in the capital. The 6 handmaidens each have their specialty.

Welcome to the family

Yuet Ying is raised by the family and always a maid to the first wife and Yuet Gau is hired by the second wife. Both of them share the same bed and naturally enemy to each other based on their master.

After secretly investigating Yuet Ying’s life, Yuet Gau finally knows that she leads the handmaiden united to earn extra cash behind the Vice Minister of War’s house. She threatens to join them and wants to be on the same level as Yuet Gau, if not, she will report it to the masters.

Pervs Master

First Impression Handmaidens United

The master, Kau Ching 裘正 (Timonthy Cheng) pick the handmaiden based on their looks and eventually want their body as well. He always have his eyes on Yuet Ying without knowing his son is having a secret underground romance with her. When Yuet Gau is on board, he got one more choice.

This drama will be interesting to keep on watching.

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