First Impression: He is Psychometric

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No. of episodes: 16 (ongoing)
Genre: Thriller, Romance, Comedy

Native title: 사이코메트리 그녀석

Finally, it’s here! It is not readily available in Netflix nor Viu.SG. Therefore, you might need to source it somewhere else.

Rich background stories

I was expecting the ratio of comedy/romance to thriller to be 6:4 since Yi An’s character is a little out of control. However, 10 minutes into the drama, goosebumps!

First Impression He Is Psychometric First Impression He Is Psychometric

Love how the scriptwriter is showing the story that helped shape the leads’ character in a way or other.

Somehow, I feel that this accident is the one that sparks that hidden power he has.

Actor Park in action

First Impression He Is Psychometric

I really love this Yi An and totally see the point why the director chose him to act as Yi An. Mischievous, witty and unable to control (or rather, learning how to control) his powers.

First Impression He Is Psychometric

Full of emotions due to the accident that happened when he was a kid and what he been through.

First Impression He Is Psychometric

Pay attention to details

I am not sure how many viewers will notice this. But I did.

Ladies like me understand that short (awkward) length hair will tend to have the octopus curve if not styled. Jae In’s hair in this drama is exactly at the awkward length. The scene of her after shower did show the non-styled hair which really impressed me.

Not everything is perfect even though it is a drama. 

The Chocolate Abs

Yi An’s

Ask any ahgases, they will know how uncomfortable Jinyoung feels when it comes to showing his skin, even arms. When tvN released a set of the trailer showing Jinyoung’s naked top, everyone went rara (including me).

First Impression He Is Psychometric

My first thought “Did someone photoshop it again?”, “OMG Really? Really? Really?”

We know that he is training very hard to sculpt a good body, but never do we know, the outcome is so good.

Strong chemistry between 4 main leads

First Impression He Is Psychometric
The bromance between Sung Mo and Yi An. Also how much Yi An loves this ‘hyung’ of his.
First Impression He Is Psychometric
Ji Soo came into the picture as the most giving ‘noona’ who has a crush on Sung Mo.

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Kiss Scene???

The leads share their first kiss scene in episode 3, even though it was in Yi An’s dream, but it is so fast! (Not complaining though.)

Entering adulthood

The transition from Middle school Yi An to High school Yi An, and suddenly, adult Yi An driving a nice car on the road.

Mystery cases

There are a couple of cases that links which somehow there is no conclusion to it. The fire, murder, chain, black suitcase all these are interlinked in a way.

The ending of episode 4 shows the highly suspected murderer observing the 3 leads from far (which is really creepy) but really excited to find out what’s next!


First Impression He Is Psychometric
This scene gave me one of the most goosebumps.

This drama really progresses really fast and by end of the third episode, they are entering adulthood. I guess we can look forward to more cases and how Jae In will open up to Yi An and help him to control his powers.


We are so so happy that JUS2 sang the OST for He is Psychometric. Just love how much GOT7 are supporting Actor Park in a way or another.

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