First Impression: Hello from the other side 阴错阳差

Hello From The Other Side

Genre: Fantasy, Drama

Original network: Channel 8
Native title: 阴错阳差 Ying Cuo Yang Cha

While I was navigating on Toggle app, I saw this drama available and I do remember seeing the Actor Shawn posted photos (on his Instagram) while filming this show from the costume.

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From the drama poster, you can tell immediately that this is a fantasy drama which I love. It is really rare for Singapore to produce fantasy dramas and the last one I really love is My Friends from Afar 知星人. (The male lead in both dramas is the same)


10 minutes into the first episode, it reminds me of the Chinese (the ideas from Taoism, Buddhism etc) version of “grim reapers” which I almost lost touch on. This is the version that we are told of since we are kids. They are the Ox-Head and Horse-Face [牛头马面] and  Hei Bai Wu Chang [黑白無常].

The “grim reapers” in Chinese beliefs. Ox-Head and Horse-Face [牛头马面] and  Hei Bai Wu Chang [黑白無常]. Credits:
The scriptwriter is trying to show us the modern day hell, when the King Yan [閻王] went to earth and want to change humans’ mindset that Hell is a place only for torture and punishment.


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(left to right) Shawn Chen and Rui En, the male and female lead in Hello from the other side. Credits: 8days 

Towards the end of episode 3, the male and female lead joined the work force in hell as police officers. I guess it will be more interesting to see what exactly is their role as a police officer in hell.


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