First Impression: Hello, Miss Driver 下一站。遇见


No. of episodes: 20 or 25 (will update again)
Genre: Drama, Business, Romance

The first episode debut on the 25 April 2019. Every Monday, Toggle will release all the episodes for the week. Another drama I look forward too because of Carrie.

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Lin Chenxi (acted by Carrie Wong) is daddy’s precious little girl with loads of love from her parents. After her dad passed away after a sudden heart attack, she discover that her family is the mistress family.

In the hospital, she was in shock at first because of the death of her dearest and was petrified when she realized her family’s situation. After all, both families know that Chenxi is the favorite children of the late and naturally she inherited 50% of the in-debt company shares as well as more baggage.

Now she have to postpone her overseas studies trip to UK with her boyfriend and obviously this boyfriend is not understanding and will eventually end with her.

Inherited 50% shares also means that she is in debt and have to settle all the financial crisis that was left behind. Not forgetting, the condition of her receiving 50% shares comes with the responsibility of taking care of her half-older-brother who is 26 but mentally 6 years old.

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Carrie (as Chenxi) with her brother Ian (as Lin Yuxing)

Probably the n time that Carrie (Lin Chenxi) and Xubin (Zhao Yiyang) join force together. However, I guess the love line for them is not strong as Carrie is destine to be with Elvin’s Character (Fang Wenliang).

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Elvin’s Character (Fang Wenliang), owner of YC bus company.

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Theme song 生命蔷薇 – by Carrie

Sub Song 下一站 – by Carrie Wong, Deng Bi Yuan

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