First impression: Her Private Life

Hp1 1 E1555988353217

No. of episodes: 16 (currently 4)
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Native Title: 그녀의 사생활
Original network: tvN

Voice of all fangirl! If you are a kpop fangirl, you can definitely relate to this drama. Having friends that know the songs and follow the same group as you are like your entertainment soulmate.

First Impression Her Private Life
Imagine the amount of joy you can generate out of a karaoke session.

Professional Fan Girl

Sung Duk Mi (acted by Park Min Young) is a fangirl since birth, she followed HOT, TVXQ etc and in the show, White Ocean. (HOT and TVXQ are real kpop idol groups.)

First Impression Her Private Life
trying to protect herself from revealing

Her bias in White Ocean is Cha Shi An (acted by ONE) and she is a fan page account manager. The fan page that Shi An really likes and thinks that she knows him the best, however, he has no idea who she is.

First Impression Her Private Life
The moment you know that you are going to see your bias in real life

The Art Director

Ryan Gold (acted by Kim Jae Wook) is a famous artist in New York and he flew back to Korea upon accepting the offer at Cherum Gallery.

First Impression Her Private Life

Obviously he misunderstand Duk Mi’s gender preference and also her work capability in the beginning. Offer to help her get out of a hot mess that he indirectly involve her with, now they are boyfriend-girlfriend.

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The idol

First Impression Her Private Life

Cha Si An (acted by ONE) framed up the photo that Duk Mi shot during his debut days and felt the connection and how this particular fan really knows him. However he has no idea who she is.

Si An lives in the same building with Ryan Gold (just a level differences) accidentally barge into his apartment after couple of drinks.

Woke up in the morning finding himself not in his usual space. Since they have met previously to discuss about the potential art collaboration, Si An does know Ryan and ask him to keep that incident a secret.

First Impression Her Private Life First Impression Her Private Life

From the teaser for Episode 5 and 6, Si An and Ryan is enjoying fried chicken in Ryan’s apartment. So I believe, they will be very close in the future.

The story

Always envy of the K-ahgases able to understand GOT7 fluently and the chance of seeing them in person is way higher than international ahgases. (Off topic)

This is a small window for me to understand what is the life like to be a Korean fangirl. Especially the part that we do follow fanpage managers (accounts) that is similar to what Duk Mi is hosting.

Look forward to the next 12 episodes!

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