First impression: Hi Bye, Mama!

Hi Bye, Mama! poster

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Family, Comedy

Native title: 하이바이, 마마!
Original network: tvN, Netflix

The story about a mother Cha Yuri (Kim Tae Hee) left her family due to accident and maternal death. She stayed by her family side ever since and after realising her daughter will be in danger due to her negligence she blame the deity.

First Impression Hi Bye Mama

Miracle happens, she begins a 49 days project of reincarnation.

Warm ambrace

First Impression Hi Bye Mama

Giving her daughter a hug is what she dream of every day. Since she left her from birth, Yuri never have a chance to hug her daughter even once. Even as a ghost, she can only watch her grow up and not able to have any physical touch.


First Impression Hi Bye Mama

After his first love left him with their newborn, Jo Gang Hwa (Lee Kyu Hyung) was devastated and wanted to join her. He was immediately rejected by his mother-in-law.

First Impression Hi Bye Mama

Start of 49 days

First Impression Hi Bye Mama
First Impression Hi Bye Mama

She went straight to see her daughter and finally able to hug her for the first time. After that she met her husband and all still in shocked and clueless, Gang Hwa settle Yuri in the hotel and gave her his card.

Yuri went on a food spree and order massive amount of food delivery.

What will happen for the next 47 days and what will happen after she complete the 49 days?

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