First Impression: Hotel Del Luna



No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Romance

Original network: tvN
Native title: 호텔 델루나

Ever since they released the news for first cast line-up and genre and slowly after is the script reading (table read) information, I’m really hyped and excited for the drama to air.

First Impression Hotel Del Luna

About the main characters

Jang Man Wol (acted by Lee Ji Eun, aka IU) is the CEO and owner of Hotel Del Luna which was created back in the early time when she was a sorta warrior.

First Impression Hotel Del Luna

As punishment for taking many lives, she became the owner of the Hotel for the death and she is basically immortal.

Fated? brings Goo Chan Sung (acted by Yeo Jin Goo)’s father to Hotel Del Luna in 1998 and he pretty much sold his son’s life in return for his own.

First Impression Hotel Del Luna

At the moment, everything does not seem normal and believable.

20 years later, Goo Chan Sung is back in Seoul and time to payback. Man Wol “opened” Chan Sung’s third eye as his birthday present which he want to but cannot get rid of.

First Impression Hotel Del Luna

Stylish CEO

Everyone was taken away by the beauty and different style Man Wol is bringing to the small screen. Just one episode alone, she have more than 5 different outfit change and most of them are closer to Victorian glam.

First Impression Hotel Del Luna

First Impression Hotel Del Luna

First Impression Hotel Del Luna

First Impression Hotel Del Luna

First Impression Hotel Del Luna

Hotel for the dead

New concept introduce to the viewers. Instead of the grim reaper appearing upon the death of a human, there are some wandering souls that yet to find their way or have unfinished business on earth.

Hotel Del Luna is a place for the souls to heal and relax before they take the limo to the afterlife place.

At the end of episode 2, Chan Sung first experience what the hotel looks like at night (their operating hours).

Really excited about what’s next apart from the extensive wardrobe change from Man Wol. 

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