First impression: I’ll Go To You When The Weather Is Nice

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Melodrama

Native title: 날씨가 좋으면 찾아가겠어요
Original network: JTBC

For those who is new to melodrama, this is a drama that is pace really slow and take time to understand the meaning behind it. This drama is about how to forgive someone, how to heal your inner heart and open up to love.

Mok Hae Won (Park Min Young) is a plain jane from Seoul, she carry her huge cello and art background back to her hometown, Bookhyun. She enrolled into a suburban high school and made a best friend Kim Bo Young (Im Se Mi) but was hurt after a misunderstand snow balled into verbal bully in school. After that ‘misunderstanding’, she choose not to trust anyone and went back into her inner shell and move to Seoul.

Back to hometown

Years later, Hae Won is back in her hometown after feeling sick and tired of her routine life in Seoul. She wants to rebuild her family home that is a guest house back to life, but things just not working the way she wants it to be.

Mysterious Irene

Im Eun Seop (Seo Kang Joon) runs a small bookstore just around the corner from the guest house, Goodnight Bookstore. He has a crush on Hae Won since high school but was not vocal with his feelings.

Years passed and when he sight Hae Won back in the village, he was thrilled (internally). His simple life will soon change after Hae Won is back.

The bookclub

The impromptu high school reunion reconnects Hae Won and Lee Jang Woo (Lee Jae Wok) who is the smart ace in school with a outgoing character. Jang Woo happen to see Hae Won after work and pull her into the ‘book club’.

The bookclub take place in ‘Goodnight Bookstore and the members are not restricted by age. They share pieces of their current books that will explore your mind into different perspective.

Part timer and Housemates?

The guest house turned into ice house overnight, it can no longer live in. Since she works part time in the bookstore, Eun Seop knew what happened and indirectly insist to let her stay at the bookstore for awhile.

“I will find you when the weather is nice”

The title of the drama made it into the lines when Hae Won indirectly reject the meeting Bo Young who desperately wants to address the misunderstanding years ago.

Something I wish

I wish there are more parts for Jae Wook and waiting for Young Dae‘s appearance.

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