First impression: In a Class of Her Own

In a Class of Her Own 漂亮书生 drama poster

No. of episodes: 36
Genre: Historical, School, Romance, Disguise-male

Native Title: 漂亮书生
Original network: iQiyi

This drama is a remake from a 2010 South Korean drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal 성균관 스캔. The drama is about Xue Wen Xi (Ju Jing Yi) who comes from an impoverished family, she disguises as a guy using her brother’s identity Xu Wen Bin outside to work and she is the breadwinner of the family.

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By writing her own book, doing transcript and copywrite book to earn, it is never enough by the month end.

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Muse or nemesis?

Wen Bin bump into Feng Cheng Jun (Song Wei Long) who is the son of the Prime Minister. Cheng Jun admire Wen Bin’s talent and after understanding that he has no intention to enroll into Yun Shang Academy, he decided to give him a push.

To earn money for the unexpected loan shark debt, Wen Bin cave in a took the offer to help someone else cheat during the entry exam. However, her plans was spoiled by righteous Cheng Jun.

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From Wen Bin’s standpoint, enrolling in the school will expose her real identity and she will be unable to raise money for his brother and family. End up she was enrolled into the school.

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Yun Shang Academy

Due to her failed attempt to help commissioned person to cheat during exam, she accidentally step on the tail of Han Zhi Sheng (Chen Yi Long). Han Zhi Sheng is a senior in Yun Shang Academy who has good family background and controls every student plan.

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Wen Bin became the enemy of Zhi Sheng with Cheng Jun. Cheng Jun on the other hand was born enemy to Zhi Sheng due to their family background. Both of them are always given the hardest mission and tonnes of obstacles in the academy.

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Will she stay and graduate safely?

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