First impression: Kairos

MBC Drama, Kairos. Featuring Shin Sung Rok, Lee Se Young.

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Thriller, Fantasy, Mystery

Native title: 카이로스
Original network: MBC

A time-crossing, parallel universe fantasy thriller begins when Kim Seo Jin’s (Shin Sung Rok) only daughter got kidnapped and his wife suicide after hearing the devastating news. His phone got connected to Han Ae Ri (Lee Se Young) who lives exactly one month behind him.

Ae Ri struggles to work and study at the same time while supporting her sick mother. After her mother mysteriously went missing, she got connected to a call from the future Seo Jin. They work together to alter their ending.

Perfect life

Kim Seo Jin is the youngest director at a well established construction company with good career and family of three. A busy man is constantly working living the elite lifestyle with his beautify violinist wife Kang Hyun Chae (Nam Gyu Ri) and adorable daughter Kim Da Bin (Shim Hye Yun).

Happy Family Kairos
Happy family. Kairos.

Da Bin went missing during a ballroom event and news struck after receiving her finger. Police confirmed that she passed before her finger was chopped off. Hyun Chae couldn’t take in the fact and disappear to suicide after leaving Seo Jin a letter.

10:33 PM – the brief window

While searching, Seo Jin got connected to Ae Ri and eventually figured out that they are living in a different timeline after Seo Jin prove the point. Ae Ri managed to skipped her ending of murdering her friend Im Geon Wook (Winner’s Kang Seung Yoon) after he ran off with her money.

Seo Jin want Ae Ri to help him change the ending and prevent the kidnapping from happening. In return, Seo Jin will help Ae Ri to find her missing mother in the future.

10 33pm One Minute Only Kairos
10:33PM, one minute only. Kairos

Only at 10:33 PM, the lines will be connected and able to talk on the phone for a minute. That one minute became really important yet hard to get. Even messages that they send throughout the day will only reach another end at 10:33 PM.


The General Manager Seo Do Gyun (Ahn Bo Hyun) is another young and capable man in the construction company, he reports to Seo Jin and seems like a nice guy that posses strong EQ and IQ. Do Gyun and Hyun Chae has another relationship behind his back, but this pair knew each other since 2008.

The Twist Episode 5 Of Kairos
The Twist, episode 5 of Kairos

The twist makes me wonder ‘What’s next?’ and what will happen to the time-cross partners.

The ongoing drama release new episodes on every Monday and Tuesday.

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