First impression: Leverage

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No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Action, Investigation, Crime

Native title: 레버리지: 사기조작단
Original network: TV Chosun

The story is pretty similar to The Player to me but it is a remake from a US drama with the same title.

Lee Tae Joon (Lee Dong Gun) is an insurance investigator from Samhwa Life who is also the biggest scam that recruits his own team to catch the real scammers that believe they are under the radar.

He started everything to save his son who is fighting a battle with disease.

Forming his team

First Impression Leverage

Go Na Byul (Kim Sae Ron) is especially flexible and strong to fight, she is in the front line most of the time. Jung Eui Sung (Yeo Hoe Hyun) is the tech guy in the team. They are the first two members that Tae Joon recruit due to their “performance” in the first case.

Hwang Soo Kyung (Jeon Hye Bin) is a old friend of Tae Joon who inspires to be an actress. She is the first person Tae Joon turns to after escaping the police’s watch.

Roy Ryu (Kim Kwon) is the final member but before that, he was the strongest opponent of their first case, the Head of Security of the building, Asana.

First case all together

First Impression Leverage

Every member definitely plays a different roles with their own traits. This type of drama attracts me mainly because of the teamwork effort they pull off.

Action without mastermind

When the group operates like a headless chicken, they went a little haywire. By saving Eui Sung, Na Byul was sent to the police station for attacking other people. End up she called Roy Ryu as her guardian to get out from the police station.

First Impression Leverage

Perhaps a little more romance here? Since Na Byul did briefly mentioned that Roy is her cup of tea. 

Getting back on his feet

The mastermind’s motivation, his son eventually failed his battle with the disease before the cure reaches him. Devastated, he was thrown behind the bars after visiting his son’s wake.

After released, he was wondering around like a soulless person. Slowly, his aim is to take down all the ruthless corporation that is blinding the society with the group.

First Impression Leverage

The adventure begins.

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