First impression: Life After Death 那些我爱过的人

Life After Death TVB Drama 2020

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Native title: 那些我爱过的人
Original network: TVB

The drama is begin with a car accident seven years ago and claimed 2 lives and a fetus. Changes life of 2 families and seven years later, the 2 families cross path again.

Fong Lok Man Laura (Priscilla Wong) was carrying twins and having a major argument on the car with her husband saying that he slept with her sister Fong Su Man Sherman (Shiga Lin). On the other hand, Keung Yuk Sing (Frankie Lam) was injured from the boxing competition and his wife Mavis (Griselda Yeung) rush to the scene where she crash on the way there.

Seven years later

Family GIF

Since the accident, the Fong sisters have been distant from each other and the misunderstanding seems to be in the way. However, they are connected by their common good friend Sabrina (Yoyo Chen) who help them keep in contact indirectly.

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Keung Yuk Sing start up a boxing center with a couple of people and teach boxing while bringing up his only daughter. As years goes by, she start to grow up and there are things which are hard to convey to a father as oppose a mother.


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An odd introverted doctor Koo Hei San (Mark Ma) who is staying with Yuk Sing move to another clinic where he meet Sherman again. A person who feels uncomfortable whenever another person touch him, he went to back hug Sherman immediately after he saw her.

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Slowly Sherman find out he has ASD but because of the condition, they have the purest heart.

Forever bickering

Growing up, Laura feel that Sherman is the star at home and steal all attention from their parents. Laura did not like this younger sister and it grew even bigger when her late husband say that they slept together.

Flashback from Sherman disgust her when her brother-in-law tries to molest her when Laura is not home.

Cross path

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Seven years later, Laura went to the boxing center open by Yuk Sing. They began their friendship where they are happen to be there when the opposite person hit their lowest moment.

The biggest question mark is the mystery behind the accident seven years ago and it seems like it is not a pure accident.

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