First impression: Love the way you are

Love the way you are

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Model

Native title: 身为一个胖子
Original network: Mango TV

Zhen Yuan Yuan Eva (Judy Qi) is a supermodel in current day but was a plump girl who have a secret crush on her high school senior, Ruan Dong Shen (Derek Chang) who is now a successful entrepreneur and chef. Due to some misunderstanding, they was separated back and met again at a pool party.

First encounter after years

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To keep her model figure, Eva’s manager place her on a strict diet plus her determination not to face the discrimination again, she was starving. Right after Dong Shen was humiliated by a drunk guest, hungry Eva subconsciously made a mess on another table.

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Dong Shen start develop curiosity and want to find the girl that threw him into the pool.

Weird curse

Even though she tried her best to slim down, she carry a weird curse with her. She will blow back up as a plump girl almost instantly if she intake more than 1,000 calories a day. Her manager, Xiao Nan (Qiu Bai Hao), is the only one that know her secret.

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Major discovery when Eva realized that she did not changed to Yuan Yuan after eating Dong Shen’s meal and want to experiment and test out if it is real. She smuggle herself in to try his food and she did not change.

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He notice a girl behaving weirdly in his event and reveal her identity in front of the public. On top of that, he declare that she just signed the spokesperson contract with his company for the following year.

Another secret

A chef that lost his sense of taste. Coincidentally, Eva found out that someone is trying to make a fool out of Dong Shen and she swap the dish out. By helping him, she knows his secret.

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Not one-sided crush

After the meal, Dong Shen and Eva went on drinking and was drunk. Due to the intake of calories through alcohol, Eva turned to Yuan Yuan overnight. Dong Shen wake up and saw Yuan Yuan, the woman he love since high school, but Eva want to hide the fact.

Xiao Nan lie to Dong Shen that Yuan Yuan is happily married now and stop ruining her life like what he did before. (But what happened last time? Seeing Xiao Nan is the one that stopped Dong Shen to see Yuan Yuan.)

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After Yuan Yuan appear in front of him, he did no hesitate to confess his love and desperately want to find her. Pestering Eva to find out more about her, not knowing she is her.

Really excited to continue watching.

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