First impression: Memorist (2020)


No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Thriller, Supernatural, Crime, Investigation, Police

Native title: 메모리스트
Original network: tvN

This drama feels similar to He is Psychometric where the main lead posses supernatural power to read someone else mind. However, the difference between these drama, there isn’t any second of romance and humour in Memorist. FULL ON THRILLER.

First Impression Memorist 2020

Dong Baek (Yoo Seung Ho) as supernatural ability to read whoever he touches, he can replicate their memories and given the nickname ‘Telepathy’. The verification and recognition of his ability from professionals with his good looks, he quickly gain popularity and chose to be detective (join the police force).

Han Sun Mi (Lee Se Young) is the youngest senior superintendent in the police force who passed her bar exam and has a doctorate in criminal psychology. She is known to be a genius profiler and super smart person.

Smart and supernatural

After throwing a punch and that came to light, Dong Baek was banned from his position. However, a mother came to pled him and find her missing daughter. Just then, Sun Mi use her capability and thread all the previous murder cases together. They are on the same target.

First Impression Memorist 2020

Join force

Sun Mi realised that Dong Baek is always there when she arrived at the crucial places and slowly get the hang of his capability and passion. She since narrowed down that the serial killer’s profile is ‘charismatic’, they knew that they are fighting with someone of a high status in society.

First Impression Memorist 2020

They met with tremendous amount of hiccups as their superiors want to protect the killer. Found the killer but evidences gone, now they are facing a whole lot difficult case.

(INSIDES: Both the main leads are child actors and have been acting since they was a kid. The acting is top notch here!)

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