First impression: Meow, The Secret Boy

Shin Ye Eun and Kim Myung Soo. Meow, the Secret Boy

No. of episodes: 32 (30 mins each)
Genre: Supernatural, Romance, Comedy

Native title: 어서와
Original network: KBS2

Kim Sol Ah (Shin Ye Eun) is a graphic designer who inspires to be a web toon author and always had a love-hate relationship with cats and cat-like people. Sol Ah has a crush on Lee Jae Sun (Seo Ji Hoon) since school days but did not have a chance to confess, yet her actions are obvious.

Jae Sun finally broke up with his girlfriend and his ex brings a fluffy white cat and gave it to him saying she no longer want to raise it. Turns out, Jae Sun has a cat allergy and cannot raise the cat.

First Impression Meow The Secret Boy

Adopt for awhile

Even though Sol Ah hate cats, she still give in when she sees Jae Sun having trouble to find someone else. Sol Ah bring the cat back home and emphasis is just temporary until they find a owner.

The cat suddenly turned into a human form while he is in her bedroom.

Step mother

Sol Ah is raised in Single parent house, Kim Soo Pyung (Ahn Nae Sang) suddenly told her that he will be selling the house and move to the village with his new love. Sol Ah did not have a say and was forced out of the house.

Soo Pyung was hospitalised after he fainted at home, the cat turned into human and carried him down to 119 (ambulance) and turned back into a cat. Sol Ah rushed to the hospital and she saw her step mother for the first time, Bang Shil (Jo Hye Ryun) knew all the medical conditions of her father and seems like a nice lady.

Moving out

Bang Shil gave her house keys to Sol Ah and told her to stay comfortably since her son seldom stays at home. While Soo Pyung and Bang Shil move back to the village, Sol Ah move to her new home.

First Impression Meow The Secret Boy

Turns out, the house is just opposite of the cafe that Jae Sun owns.

Why I turned into human?

First Impression Meow The Secret Boy

Sol Ah renamed the cat to Hong Jo (L, Kim Myung Soo) and slowly take care of him more than she expects. Hong Jo still puzzled why he is able to take the human form when he is around Sol Ah and her belonging keep him in human form.

First Impression Meow The Secret Boy

The kiss scene

I was not expecting this but I am happy to see it! The kiss between Sol Ah and Jae Sun on the first episode remains a mystery. Not sure if it really happened to them or purely just Sol Ah’s fantasy.

First Impression Meow The Secret Boy

The fourth episode ended off with the almost kiss between Sol Ah and Jae Sun and suddenly, someone else appear in their house.

First Impression Meow The Secret Boy

What will happen next?

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