First impression: More Than Friends

More Than Friends, JTBC Romance Drama.

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Friendship

Native Title: 경우의 수
Original network: JTBC

The drama about an unrequited love between a struggling calligraphist and talented photographer. Kyung Woo Yeon (Shin Ye Eun) and Lee Soo (Ong Seong Wu) are high school classmates. Distance between them close up but the day Lee Soo left for further studies in the United States, Woo Yeon confessed.

However, Lee Soo want them to be just friends.

Lee Soo and Kyung Woo Yeon, 2010. More than friends.

High school times

Lee Soo is a handsome and talented individual who is well aware of his charms. Despite the big ego and high confidence level, he is often surrounded by girls trying to win his heart. Woo Yeon is an innocent scatterbrain yet optimist person, trying to please everyone but constantly being bullied while trying to please her ‘so-called’ friends.

Lee Soo’s popularity in high school. More than Friends.

Lee Soo can’t stand the scatterbrain being clueless and he stood out to protect her from the rest, however it seems like he is bullying (or using) her instead. Woo Yeon fell for him when their distance grew closer. After she mask all her courage to confess, Woo Yeon embark on her 10 years of one-sided crush.

Confession, fails again

Seven years later, Lee Soo unexpectedly reappear in her life. He questioned her asking where is the passionate girl who is chasing her dream to be a calligraphist when he sees her working as a contract role in a big office.

Seeing the care and concern he shows up with, Woo Yeon confessed to him again. But Lee Soo is firm on being just friends. Ranged Woo Yeon cut ties with him from that day.

Second confession fails. More than Friends.

Unable to love

Woo Yeon dated multiple guys after being rejected by Lee Soo the second time, but none of them last. The root of the problem, she has not move on from Lee Soo.

THan F

The entire high school clique of friend knew everything about Lee Soon and Woo Yeon. After every break up they will gather in the restaurant open by Jin Sang Hyuk (P.O., Pyo Ji Hoon) and drink, Woo Yeon will drunk call and text Lee Soo’s number even though he canceled it 3 years ago.

Turns out, the mobile number has its new owner, Ohn Joon Soo (Kim Dong Jun) who is a CEO of an publishing firm.

A decade later, reunited

Kyung Woo Yeon knew that the career as a calligraphist can’t earn enough, so she did multiple part time jobs to support herself, take a step closer to her dream.

Joon Soo met Woo Yeon the first time at Jeju Island, outside a book store where Joon Soo is doing this routine check in and Woo Yeon is trying out to sell her postcards.

Been three years since her failed second confession and who knows, he met Lee Soo in Jeju Island the least expected to bump into place. However, something is different this time.

Lee Soo took the initiative and create opportunity to get close to Woo Yeon.

Jeju Cafe, Lee Soo and Kyung Woo Yeon. More Than Friends.

What will happen to them after Woo Yeon stop her unrequited love.

The drama release new episodes every Friday and Saturday. However the following two episodes will be postpone due to the celebration of Chuseok in South Korea.

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