First impression: Mr Honesty

Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Cdrama poster

No. of episodes: 31
Genre: Romance, Drama

Native Title: 不说谎恋人
Original network: Tencent Video

The drama is about a CEO who hates people who lie, Fang Zhi You (Xin Yun Lai) is the boss of an architecture company. Things start to change when his new assistant came into the picture. Xu Yi Ren (Liang Jie) is the only assistant that survived over one month and she is there to help him control his directness when they meet clients.

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Unlucky one

Yi Ren was ditched by her boyfriend and in the same restaurant that Zhi You was criticizing about the potential client’s fashion sense. Yi Ren told her boss that her house pipe burst and hence the lateness to work. Coincidentally, when she back in the office Zhi You told her boss she went to date instead and lie.

Yi Ren lost her job and back home need to face the house pipe burst. Feel like she is unlucky, a call came for an interview chance.

Reporting for work

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Zhi You did not have a good impression on Yi Ren and hated her to be her new assistant. However, his work partner He Yu Wen (Luo Qiu Yun) cannot take anymore and make the decision for him.

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Yi Ren is witty and attentive, and hence she is able to help Zhi You during work. Slowly, Zhi You unknowingly look out for her for work and even personal stuff. However, this sparks jealously from Yu Wen who is a strong career woman and business partner of Zhi You for years.


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Zhi You’s unexpected attentiveness and little actions makes Yi Ren’s heart skipped a beat. But she knows that they are very different and she shouldn’t fall for him. Zhi You will talk to her about his secret which he did not say to anyone before, even his younger sister likes Yi Ren.


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Zhi You took extra care towards Li Zhe’s (Liu Hai Kuan) father. His nemesis suddenly get interested in Yi Ren when he happens to pick up her wallet in the hospital. And the red hair clip he treasures.

How will the story align?

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