First Impression: My Absolute Boyfriend (2019)

My Absolute Boyfriend drama poster

No.of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-fi

Native Title: 절대 그이
Original network: SBS

This story was originated from Japan’s Manga and was first produced in 2008, Zettai Kareshi and after the success, Taiwan went to remake their version and debuted in 2012.

Since I did complete the first two versions of the Absolute Boyfriend, I tuned in to the Korea version once I know it is available on VIU.

The Differences

The Korea version did a tweak in the background and career of the female lead, Eom Da Da (acted by Bang Min Ah) which changes the story. Da da inherited her late father’s company that specialised in special effect props and naturally she made special effect make up her career.

Because of her job, she ordered a dummy that will be use in the drama and accidentally received the robot Boyfriend, Zero Nine (acted by Yeo Jin Goo) after given the name Young Goo (which is literal translate Zero Nine in Korean).

Secret dating life

Eom Da Da is secretly dating the A-class actor Ma Wang Joon (acted by Hong Jong Hyun) for 7 years and he promised that if he ever stand on the stage to receive his first acting recognition, he will give her a status.

However he did not and Da Da felt that he wanted to end this relationship since they are constantly hiding and it is difficult to coordinate time to even meet up.

End up, she initiates the breakup and Zero Nine appeared.

The twist

When the mysterious fan present to Wang Joon is revealed, things get clearer. Why did Wang Joon not keep up his promise? Why he did he say “sorry” apart from anything else when they broke up.

He kept the series of threatening fan presents a secret, even to his manager and CEO. However somehow it will be discovered and Zero Nine’s appearance made him wants to want back Da Da more.

Already bought the proposal ring for Da da before everything happened, now he only brings it out and regret his decision.

The misfortune that Wang Joon faced makes viewers feel the torn between Dada and Zero Nine or Dada and Wang Joon.

I do want Dada end up with Wang Joon since Zero Nine is a robot, but I want to know how much she will fall for him (or it) and make Zero Nine more human that he possibly know.

Worth continuing…

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